I had recently a coaching session. Through the coaching session we got to the topic of what means a 10 (from 1 to 10, 10 being the best)  or to be on the top of the mountain of being a coach to my team and how it looks like when the team is for me completely self-organised. Through some powerful questions I got some questions what it means for ME.


What I will bring as a coach to the team is the following


It is very important for me and it should be for all coaches to be mindfulness. Listen consciously to my team and team members to be able to help them. If I am moving to level one (listening), to my personal interests or problems, I can not help my team. I must be present while coaching, teaching or mentoring the team. Leaving in this moment my personal interests somewhere else, to also feel the team members feelings consciously. Sometimes they are saying or deciding something, but I feel that they are not happy with that. In this case, I am able to guide the team back to the right path with powerful questions. Bring the team back to track.

I am here for you

What I mentioned before, be here to help my team. Leave my problems and interests somewhere else while coaching the team.


There are some more things like:

  • Be a catalyst of change
  • Open and receptive
  • Neutral
  • Conscious Listening
  • Trust to the team


What it means to have a self-organised team

For me, a self-organised team is really self organised :). So what I want to say with this is that I am not really necessary anymore and I could start to coach another team.

But I can also be a coach in a self-organised team. Then I can just facilitate the meetings, coach the teams and team members during the meetings and during the sprint. During team meetings I can coach and teach the whole team and during the sprint, the target is to coach individual team members. The team should solve its problems, if possible by it self. They should not come to the coach and ask for support or solving problems if it is possible to solve it in the team. But often problems are occurring where the team is not able to solve them, and then the coach has to solve it with any other person in the organisation.

The team should do daily meetings because they see the benefit of it. Saying no if something is not possible. Doing the planning and backlog grooming efficiently. Feel the benefit of retrospectives. The team members also should have an open and trustful relationship to each other. It is never a blaming culture, it is culture of learning and bringing each other forward.


That is a short point of view how I see it. Feel free to comment it.


Being a Coach for my self-organised team
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