On each planning meeting, before or after that, i had always the problem that i had to create the same Tasks for each Story. These are at the moment the “Accountin”, “DoD” and “SST” Task.

So i wrote a small and simple WPF tool to create that automatically. Just fill in the IDs, select stories and task which you wanna create and let it be created automatically.

I have a Server.xml file, where you can put your Server and Teamproject data. Please be aware that the unittests will fail in your environment. I testet everything against our TFS server. At the point i wrote this App with TDD, i though its a good idea 🙂 so please, modify it.

You can find the Application right here: https://github.com/damirkusar/TFSTaskCreator



WPF TFSTaskCreator
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