I just had to show how we can work with Specflow in our project to use this testing Framework as Acceptance Tests.

This post will explain how to setup VS 2012 with Specflow, the next one will guide you how doing ATDD with Specflow (Acceptance Test Driven Development).

  • First, open Visual Studio 2012 (Resharper already installed)
    • Go to Tools and open Extensions and Updates
    • Install SpecFlow
  • Second, we have to enable NUnit support in Resharper
    • Go to menu Resharper -> Options
    • Activivate NUnit Support


  • Third, create a Blank Solution. Add for example a “Console Application” Project and an “Unit Test Project”.
  • Now, click on the Menu Tools -> Library Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages and install NUnit, and Specflow for your Testing Project.




So now, you should be ready to use Specflow


Setup Specflow project with Visual Studio 2012 and Resharper
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