Lets asume, we have installed Jenkins on AWS EC2.

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If this is done, than we can move on to the next step.

  • Install now all needed Plugins in Jenkins


If you have installed RVM, GitHub and Git, move on to the next step

  • Create now a new freestyle job and give a name and put your git repo link to it



  • Now lets setup the sourceManagement, be sure to use the ssh link, and not the https from your Github Repository




  • Now lets setup how to build with the build script, and add the post build task to create a tag after build was successful.

Shell Script:

My Tag name:


Here you can see all of the Jenkins Environment Variables



Go no to the Settings of your Github repository, open Service hooks and put the Website of your Jenkins server to Jenkins (Github plugin) and Jenkins (Git plugin) as follow:





Setup Jenkins for a Rails project with Github
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