So, lets install Ruby and Ruby on Rails on an Ubuntu 12.04 Device.

Im using it with jenkins on EC2. So i had to install this with the jenkins user. See also how to give jenkins user admin rights and set password:



First, lets update apt-get

then, we will install curl, if not installed yet


Install RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

Now we have to load RVM

To see what is required for RVM use command:

The output shows something like this:

Just follow the instructions to get your system up to date with all of the required dependancies.


Install Ruby

Install Ruby and make the installed version default


Install RubyGems


Install Rails


If you have trouble with using rake command with error:

then install the following:

and add

to your GEMFILE


Install Phusion Passenger as your Server (Optional)

Check the newes version on: and add this to your Gemfile

or install it directly just on your server:




then it should work.

Install Ruby and Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 12.04 (also for AWS EC2)
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