As i know, you have 3 ways to install Git on Ubuntu. I will show you this 3 ways.

Way 1

This way is the simplest and easiest. Do this with apt-get

this way is very easy, but you do not get the newest version of git. It always takes some time to get into the package manager.


Way 2

The second way is downloading the tar.gz, unpack it and building it manually. So you are able to choose your version, but it needs a little more manual work.

interestingly, this with the make prefix did not work for me, i had to do one more step. This is explained in the git documentation. but i did not figure out why it wont work for me. So i had to add

to your ~/.bash_profile file


Way 3

After you have a version of git installed, for example with Way 1, then you are able to get git from the git repository.

interestingly again, the make command with prefix did not work for me here as well, i added here also

to my ~/.bash_profile file
so you can just execute

instead with the prefix. This works also for the Way 2.


restarting the terminal and it worked.

Now, we can periodically take a look at;a=tags  or with command “git tag” and run "git fetch" to get updates committed by Git developers.




Install Git on Ubuntu
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