I will explain 2 ways, how you can install Git on Mac OS X

Way 1

The simplest and easiest way is to do it with Homebrew.

If you haven’t Homebrew installed yet, do it this way: Install Homebrew on Mac OS X

Otherwise just do:

and run the doctor

add the paht to your ~/.bash_profile file

Way 2

After you have a version of git installed, for example with Way 1, then you are able to get git from the git repository.

Install first the libintl from : https://code.google.com/p/rudix/downloads/detail?name=static-libintl-

interestingly again, the make command with prefix did not work for me here as well, i added here also

to my ~/.bash_profile file
so you can just execute 

restarting the terminal and it worked.

Now, we can periodically take a look with command “git tag” and run "git fetch" to get updates committed by Git developers.




Install Git on Mac OS X
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