So as announced in post: Deploy Rails Project with Capistrano and Git to AWS EC2, i will explain it here, how we can deploy our rails application to EC2 after a successfully build on Jenkins.

After you installed and setup Capistrano described in Post before, lets configure our Jenkins to execute this recipe.

Install Post-Build-Task Plugin

Go to your PluginsSite: http://YourJenkinsServer/pluginManager/? and install the following Plugin:

Setup Post-Build-Task Plugin

Go to your Job setup and create a new Post-build-Action. Select the Post-Build-Task.

Add the command to execute your correct recipe as shown in the image.




Copy your Pem file to your Jenkins .ssh folder

See also: Copy files to AWS EC2 via SSH

Because you have copied it with the user ubuntu, you have to copy it then manually to /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh.

You also have to give the jenkins user permission to execute the PEM file.


Deploy Rails Project with Capistrano and Git to AWS EC2 after successfully build on jenkins
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