Go to your EC2 Console and go to your Instances. Click on “Launch Instance”. Now Use the Classic or Quick launch Wizard. I used the Classic Wizard. I choosed the Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64Bit version.


Now follow the images 🙂








In the next step, you can Create a new keypair key for your instance or use an existing one. You will need this to connect to your instance via SSH. See here for more details: AWS documentation link.




Normally you have the default settings. I did not tested it, i created a new one with the following rules. This worked for me. Let me know if you have other settings.



So, you are done. Launch your Instance.



When you click on your instance in the EC2 Dashboard. go to Public DNS and remember somehow or configure your host file or whatever. you will need it. I created an alias in my bash_profile file on my MAC.

and added it also to my hosts file. so i do not have to remember the long name 🙂

Create a new Ubuntu 12.04.1 Instance on AWS EC2
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