If you have to connect to your AWS EC2 instance, you can do it via SSH or Putty, for Windows user.


  • Keypair created and assigned to your EC2 instance. 
  • Keypair locally available for conncection.


If the preconditions are met, then you can start connecting to your EC2 instance.

First, find your Public DNS adress in your EC2 Console.



Now you have 3 ways how you can connect to your instance. Via SSH from Mac or Linux OS, SSH via Putty on Windows or trough the AWS Web.

  • For Mac or Linux users, type following in your Terminal.

  • For Windows Users
    • Download Putty @ http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
    • Do not forget to convert the Pem file to private PKK file with PuttyGEN. Also available on the above site
    • Add the Key to the Settings and add your Server into the correct field. You can also save the Settings to a Session. I Recommend it 🙂


  • Via the WEB. Go to your EC2 Console – > Instance and right click on it. Press Connect and Tada:)



See AWS Documentation for more Infos:

Connect to AWS EC2 Instance via SSH
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