Installing Rails 3.2 on a Mac is quite easy.

What you need to have installed before is Git and Ruby 1.9.3. Also would it be nice to have Homebrew installed.

#update on November 16, 2015. The following link is broken: RailsTutorial. If you are searching for Ruby on Rails Introduction, here is one:

The Broken link above showed a guide of how to install ruby on rails. Here is an alternative one:

I will just copy the commands which have to be typed in and comment some parts where i had problems.

Mac OS X has Ruby 1.8.7 installed as default. But we need 1.9.3 for Rails 3.2. So lets check wich version we have installed in the terminal:

Install RVM (Ruby Version Manager)

Then update RVM and install Ruby 1.9.3

If you have some problems with the autoconf from mac, install it


To list all installable ruby versions put following command:


To install ruby from RVM you will need to have apple gcc4.2. As i know, with the newest version of xcode its not included anymore. So if you dont have installed an earlier version of xcode you will need to install it manually. The Link can be found in the message given by the command.

I got this error, but i had installed it, and all the other stuff like libiconv and so on, and i got still the same message. In my case it worked after i put the following command as described here:

After that command, i was able to install different versions again with just install.

If you have more than one Ruby version installed with RVM, you can set one that should be used:

With the following command you can check the path to ruby folder:

Then we have to update our RubyGems (Packet Manager for Ruby Projects, is installed with RVM)

Now, we will to create a gem config file to suppress the ri and rdoc documentation in .gemrc. (nano is my texteditor in the terminal, you may use vim or some other tool, replace it) and add the following into the file


Now, lets install Rails 3.2. Choose a specified version you want to have installed for example:

and check if this version is really installed 🙂








Install Ruby on Rails 3.2 on MAC OS X

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