I just want to share our Definition of Ready for Stories (DoR) with you. I think Jeff Sutherland calls it Invest Mnemonic. We defined the DoR, so that the Product Owner (PO), the Solution Architect and the Requirements Engineer knows what the have to bring, before the Team accepts the Story for the Sprint.

About two week before the Sprint we have shortly a DoR meeting. So the PO explains the Stories he want to have in the next sprint. In this meeting the team has time to clarify everything to accept this story.

Some points are:

  • Independent of other Stories
  • Clear how is the dependency with other teams, so that we know who has to deliver whom and when
  • Is the Story really implementable as the PO wants or do we have to modify the Story or Acceptance Criteria to implement the story
  • Are all architectural dependencies clear
  • Is the Story small enough to estimate it or has the Story be split up
  • Are the Acceptance Criteria clear and the Acceptance Tests written
  • Do we need a concept first if the Implementation is not really clear

Sometimes they change a little bit, but this is the raster we work with.




DoR for Stories
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