Finding a good job that satisfies you is not always an easy task. Some people do this intuitively and some not.

It is very difficult for a person to tell another what the right job is, this can only be figured out by yourself. I just wanna share some lines with you and my thinking. Please, if you have another opinion, please leave a comment. Or, leave a comment anyway 🙂

First of all, i want to say, do not work for your resume / CV. Your CV should work for you. What i mean is you have to find a job you like and you are good at, the rest will come automatically. Yeah, i wrote find a job you like and you will be good at, but how? That is really hard sometimes. This can take also sometimes to figure it out, but try.

First of all, find something you like. For example working with people or something else. I think you have to ask you, would i do the job if i wont be paid for it? If you can answer it with yes, than its probably a good choice :). Do what motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work.  Find something you really love, kind of making your hobby to job. Find interesting people as Steve Jobs or Jeff Sutherland that impresses or inspires you and go that way. Try some jobs, some roles. I had the luck to work in a lot of different jobs, always in the IT segment and so i have a direction i want to go. Probably you need the same. Again, don’t look how it looks like in your CV.

Through your Experience the choice also makes sense. When you are a Software Engineer and you like it, but maybe not in that way you are currently doing, try another job, or another role as a coach, or architect.

So, i think thats it, i will continue writing. Maybe i forgot something, then i will add it here or in a new post.

What i want to tell you, do something that fulfills you, do something you could imagine to work unpaid, do something to inspire other and make people thank you for your job. Have passion in things you are doing. When you have all this, then your CV will impress other automatically. Life is short, do what you want do and not what other want that you should do.

Passion, Motivation and Experience are key for your success and happiness.

Easy ha? 🙂



Do work you really want to do
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