Im want to start a new Ruby on Rails project. But before i start i want to find everything i need first. Webserver, CI-Server, Deployment mechanism and so on. This post is just a short summary about my findings.

I decided to use Amazon Elastic Beanstalk as the server. So then i was searching for an Continuous Integration server which fits my needs.

The keyfactors are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Works with Ruby on Rails

yeah, i think thats it 🙂

First, i startet to read about possible CI-Server.

TFS: At the company, im working with TFS, but this is nothing for me, because i do not want to have a Microsoft environment on AWS and im also not sure if TFS supports Ruby on Rails project.

Jenkins: Then i tried Jenkins-CI server because there are open-source and widely used. I installed it on my Ubuntu in the VM to try it. The Installation was very easy. But i just had Jenkins installed. Nothing else. After that, i tried to build a project from my private GitHub repo. There i run into some trouble with it. I was really searching for something easy to use. So i decided to go to the next one and come back later to Jenkins.

TeamCity: Because i want use the RubyMine IDE i saw that Jetbrains also has a CI-Server. I decided to try TeamCity. Installation was also very easy. So i wanted to try if it is easy to build a project from a GitHub repo. And look at that, it works very easy, without any plugins. So, at the moment, this is my Favorite. Maybe it will change when i start to install it on AWS, but until then, i will keep this Server. It works well with GitHub, easy to setup, easy workaround for continuous deployment, it creates tags and im able to create new Tags from a specific build. Everything is very easy.

There are some other to test. CI-Joe and IntegrityApp

These i will test maybe later.

CI server for my next Rails project
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