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i just want to describe shortly how you can install OpenELEC on a SDCard for Raspberry Pi.


Use Ubuntu for the following steps.
The easiest way to do that is to download the RPi build from this link. Choose the build that looks like this: OpenELEC-RPi.arm-devel-.
Unpack the tar.bz2 file

Put your SDCard in the computer
check with

and find your SDCard. But be really sure you know wich one it is. For example, my SDCard is /dev/sdb1

Optional: unmount now your SDCard (im not sure, but sometimes i had to do this, if it is not working, then try this)

now navigate to the unpacked folder you downloaded and start creating your SDCard



Wait some seconds.
FINISH -> Use it in your Raspberry Pi
Username and Password for SSH connection


If you want to have the newest build from Github, please use this how-to. Its a good how-to from OpenELEC, so i dont want to repeat it (Avoid DRY) :). This takes a little longer, because it has to build everything.




Install OpenELEC on SDCard for Raspberry Pi
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