I described in post Set-Alias in Powershell how you can setup alias for your use and how to export it.

But you also have the option to create your own profile file for Powershell. that means, that you can create a file with all commands you want to use in powershell and powershell loads it automatically on start.

This post will explain shortly how you can create a Profile-file for all users and hosts on your machine.

First open Powershell ISE. Here, you can put all your code you want.

For example we will setup a command for our scripts directory.

First write following code in the upper tab:

Now, we want to set an Alias for that function

Yes, this is very simple, but it should show you just the possibility which you have. For more information see MSDN help.

Now, we have to save this script in:

Your PsHome directory is propably here:



Profile in Powershell
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